Benefits Of Ceiling Fans

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Are you tired of the scorching heat in these summers and confused about your cooling options then do not worry because we are here to help you find the best cooling system for you. If you have not already noticed, ceiling fans are through a major comeback, and we are here to convince you why ceiling fan is the best cooling option out there.

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1. Energy Efficient

Most of the times people spend their summers trying to cool the house and keep the electricity bill cool too.

Ceiling fans are great cooling options which also helps in reducing the electricity bill. All ceiling fans are comparatively more energy efficient compared to other cooling options, but you should be looking for Energy Star rated fans, which are more efficient than normal fans, offering additional energy savings.

According to a survey using ceiling fans can help you reduce your electricity bill by 40%. Even if you are using air conditioner, ceiling fans will still help you conserve energy because you will ultimately end up using less air conditioner if you have a fan.

2. Reduce Ambient Temperature

The most impactful and direct benefit of ceiling fans is that they reduce the ambient temperature of the room by 5-8 degrees, it may seem like a small change and if it is not enough for you, you could always use ceiling fan in combination with air conditioner, this temperature change from the fan will make sure that your air conditioner does not have work too hard to reach the desired results, and you will always have a backup if your AC unit runs into a problem. Keeping thermostat at a higher temperature.

3. Beauty and Aesthetics

Most of people install ceiling fans for their cooling function. But lately ceiling fans have been making a comeback not as a cooling device but rather purely for their aesthetic reasons.

Ceiling fans come in a wide range of sizes, colors, styles, and finishes that can match any kind of room. Heck, there are tropical fans with blades resembling banana leaves.

4. Easy Maintenance

Ceiling fans are easy to maintain as they do not require extra care. Just clean the blades, check the screws, and oil the motor occasionally and you are good to go. And even if you come across a problem, you can easily fix it yourself if you with the help of online guides.

5. Can Act as a Light Source

Most of the modern ceiling fans come with built-in light bulbs or a light kit can be installed in the center of the fan.

As ceiling fans are usually located in the center of the room, their light kits act as a great source of ambient lighting and ensure uniform distribution of light.

6. Can Be Used Outdoors

One of the greatest and most distinguish feature of ceiling fans is that they can work indoors as well as outdoors.

If you are worried about weather conditions in your area, then do not worry because outdoor fans with different ratings which reflects the fan’s ability to withstand humidity or rain. They are also built with a special type of material which reduces corrosion and provides heat resistance.

Outdoor fans are also good for swaying away insects which will surely help you spend more time outdoors and which will indirectly impact your health positively.

7. Year-Round Use

In addition to its cooling function, ceiling fans also help in winters by circulating warm air.

Most of the fans have a switch on the motor which can reverse the blades from counterclockwise to clockwise. Counterclockwise helps in cooling the room while clockwise redirects the warm air from the ceiling to the entire room.

8. Ecofriendly

Most of the modern ceiling fans are made up of recycled plastic, wood, or steel which makes them environment friendly. They also use a small amount of energy to run, this results in the less carbon footprint that goes in the air. So, if you are eco-conscious then do not worry because you can cool off yourself without any guilt.

9. White Noise

If you are someone like me, you cannot sleep without white noise then ceiling fan might do wonders to your sleep. In simple terms white noise is defined as a background noise which filters out other sounds. White noise is known to encourage deep sleep and help cure insomnia.

10. Air Circulation

Proper air circulation is important for both environmental and health reasons. Ceiling fans are one of the most efficient methods to make sure that air in your home is constantly moving and improves the quality of your air and reduces the risk of air borne diseases and allergies. Besides, ceiling fans can help you get rid of Radon, that is very dangerous gas.

11. Cheap

Ceiling fans are not only cheap to use but they are also cheap to purchase, you can easily get a decent ceiling fan under $100 while on the other hand it is hard to find an air conditioner under $1000.

12. Goes Hand in Hand with Air Conditioner

Most of the people have this misconception that if you have air conditioning then you do not need ceiling fan when it is far from truth.

Using a ceiling fan with AC will help you spread the cool air of AC uniformly throughout the room and it will also help you use AC on higher temperatures which will drastically reduce your electricity bill.

13. Reliable

Most of the appliances like light bulbs are not durable and do not have a long-life span. On the other hand, ceiling fans offer a long-life span in a single installation. A ceiling fan could last you as long as a decade.

14. Good Technology

In today’s era, most of ceiling fans are equipped with technology, which means you can control your ceiling fans via remote control, if that’s not the hardcore thing you have read lately, we don’t know what it is. But that’s not all, latest ceiling fans are quipped with LED lights and good blades.

15. Smart Control

Long are gone the days when fans just used to hang from the ceiling and provide air circulation. Most of the modern ceiling fans provide smart control features which allows you to change speed of fan or change the lightening setting through remote control.

Some of the ceiling fans can even be controlled through a mobile app. Heck, we have come so far in technology that some of the ceiling fans offer Bluetooth speakers connection through which you can sync music with the speed of fan or lightening of the fan.

16. They can Add to the Décor of a Room:

Ceiling fans come in a variety of styles and designs. This means that they can be a great addition to the décor of any room in your home. So, what are you even waiting for? Get yourself a ceiling fan and enjoy these benefits.

We hope that we have changed your mind about ceiling fans, if you have already got ceiling fans in your home then you should be happy knowing these facts and if you do not have them then what are you waiting for?

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